Igus Drylin E

The Igus lubrication-free bearing technology combined with a rugged motor makes this an excellent solution for applications with millions of repetitive motions.

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Fiama ServoD Positioning Servo

The Servo.D is a complete axis-control unit consisting of a brushless motor with reducer, controlled by a built in driving motor and by a position transducer mounted on the output shaft, with an interface for field-bus communications.

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Fiama ServoM Axis Positioning Unit

The same as the Servo.D, but with the addition of a digital position display, integrated encoder and an analog output.

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Fiama P3.S Position Controller

For automating axis adjustments for changeover on machinery with no existing fieldbus control, the P3.S can be used to send positioning commands to the Servo.D or .M . It can be linked to up to 32 servo units and stores up to 99 positioning programs.

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