Safety Controllers

Sick Flexi Loop Safe Sensor Cascade


Flexi Loop makes it possible to cascade up to 32 safety sensors while maintaining the highest level of safety, guaranteeing the continuous diagnosis of all door switches, e-stop buttons and sensors.

Sick Flexi Soft Safety Controller


A modular safety controller that grows with the increasing complexity of the application, it ties all of the safety functionality together with no addressing, and leads to a smaller machine footprint and safer human-machine interaction.

Sick MOC3SA Motion Control Safety Controller


The controllers monitor the speed and position of hazardous movenments, so interruption of the machine cycle no longer requires a system stop, increasing productivity.

Sick Safety Relays


Used for everything from e-stops to Safety Laser Scanners, safety relays are ideal for flexible, cost-effective machine integration.

Safety Light Curtains

Sick Detec4 Safety Light Curtain


Safety Light curtains made simple. The sensder and receiver can be configured from one side, color coded monitoring and diagnostic LED's on both sides indicate device status, and 4 blue LED's clearly show the signal strength.

Sick M4000 Area / Perimeter Guarding


Commonly used for Enty-Exit applications, perimeter guarding, or mounted horizontally across the floor for area guarding, the M4000 is verstatile and simple to use.

Sick MiniTwin Compact Safety Light Curtain


This 15mm wide by 32mm, Category 4 light curtain is compact to fit anywhere without becoming an impediment to machine operation. It has no blind zones at the ends, uses standard 5-pin sensor cables, and has colored LED's to aid installation and troubleshooting.

Sick Washdown Light Curtains


This IP69K light curtain is used for hazardous point protection in washdown areas, as found in the food and beverage industries. They can withstand high high pressure washdown and aggressive cleaning agents.

Safety Scanners

Sick microScan3 Safety Area Scanner


The microScan3 core is the newest version of Sick's safety scanner family. It is extremely rugged, compact, and simple to commission.

Sick S300 Safety Area Scanner


The compact S300 has up to 16 switchable fields, a 270 scan angle for wide coverage, and is easily integrated into larger systems using Sick's safety controllers.

Sick S300 Mini Safety Area Scanner


The S300 Mini is small enough to fit in the tightest spaces and AGV's. It is simple to use, but its triple fields give enough flexibility for most applications.

Sick S3000 Safety Area Scanner


The S3000 has thousands of installations world wide. It's large scanning area, simple device replacement, and durability make it the first choice for a variety of safety applications, including guarding multiple welding stations and robotic applications.

Safety Switches

Coded Magnet safety Switches


Non-contact read heads sense a specifically coded actuator type. Eliminates issues with key alignment and pollutants interfering with a contact.

Electrically Locking Safety Interlocks


Used for keeping guards safely locked until it is safe for a hazardous area to be entered (robots stop moving, cutting tools stop rotating, etc.). Voltage is applied to allow the switch to unlock.

Euchner Magnetically Locking Interlock


Euchner's magnetically locking switches have the benefits of non-contact safety switches (resistant to pollutants, forgiving alignment) with the functionality of a locking safety switch. Up to 500 newton locking force by solenoid.

Euchner Keyed Mechanical Safety Switches


The traditional solution to verifying doors in a Safe position. The switch is mounted to the fixed part of the door, and the key is mounted to the mobile part. Ideal for sliding and rotating doors and removable guards.

Euchner MGB Multifunctional Gate Box


The Euchner MGB incorporates a safety switch, bolt and door-locking mechanism into a cohesive package ideal for machine builders, safety engineers and process system designers.

Euchner ESL Transponder Coded Safety Door Handle


The ESL is used to safe guard and monitor safety guards such as small hinged doors and flaps on machines and installations. Thanks to an assured switch-off distance (Sar) of 0mm it is particularly suitable for usage in laser installations.

Euchner ESH Safety Hinge Switch


This heavy duty hinge switch are designed to monitor removable safety guards like doors and covers on machinery guards. It eliminates the problem of safety switches getting in the way of the operators

Transponder Coded Safety Switches


Unlike coded magnets, transponder coded switches are unique pairs. It is not possible to use a "spare" magnet to by-pass the safety signal. They can be wired in series to simplify wiring multiple points on a machine.

Access Control

Euchner EKS Access System


Allows for very fast log-on to a system with no need for passboards or keyboards. Different levels of system access can be assigned to different keys, and log-on data can be stored to track accountability. Available in a safety version with fail-to-safe contacts.

Euchner EKS Light Access Reader


The EKS light is a read-only access system that does not require a full control system for integration. The keys and reader are set-up with a menu-driven software program.