Panel Components

Cable Entry Systems

Icotek Cable Entry System - Terminated Cables


Icotek's system uses a split frame and split inserts which provide quick, convenient and cost effective routing of pre-terminated and standard cables. This alleviates the need to cut and re-wire pre-terminated cables.

Icotek Cable Entry System - Unterminated Cables


This cable entry system allows for high packing density, a tight seal, and fast assembly with no special punch-out tools needed.

Icotek Hand Hydraulic Punch


Icotek now offers a small-sized hand hydraulic punch driver without hose for quick and easy punching of rectangular, square, or round holes.

Murrelektronik Icotek Split Cable Glands


KVT is a circular split frame for quick and easy installation of cables or complete cable harnesses. Maintenance and retrofitting are simplified, and a large number of cables can be neatly passed through the minimum amount of space.

Counters, Panel Meters, Tachometers and Timers

Murrelektronik Active Interface Modules


Murrelektronik offers a wide range of intelligent interface modules - signal converters, timers, comparator modules, temperature converters, and more, all in very compact, DIN-mountable packages.

Panel Mount Counters and Meters


Panel mounted counters, meters, and totalizers that are simple displays, or programmable for process control.

Carlo Gavazzi Timers


Carlo Gavazzi's compact, DIN-mountable timer solutions are cost-efficient, rugged, and simple to use.

Drives and Variable Frequency Drives

Delta VFD-EL AC Multi-Function Drive


The VFD-EL has a built in EMI filter, easy DC bus sharing for side-by-side installation, high precision current detection, overload protection, and a built-in keypad.

Delta VFD-E AC Micro Drive


Delta Electronics' low hp, constant torque, IP20 drive. It is modular in design, with flexible extension cards and a built-in PLC function, giving it the ability to write and execute Ladder Logic programs.

Delta REG2000 Regenerative Drive


The REG2000 is capable of collecting and converting your system's regenerative energy into reusable electricity for the ultimate in energy savings. As easy to install as a brake resistor, but with half the size and better efficiency.

Delta VFD-L AC Drive


The VFD-L is a sub-fractional low cost AC drive specifically designed for low horsepower applications.

Panel Interfaces

Murrelektronik Fieldbus Panel Interfaces


Murrelektronik's MPV series is a durable, prewired cordset approach to connecting to the fieldbus system in a cabinet without opening up the panel.

Murrelektronik Front Panel Interfaces


Murr MSDD interfaces provide convenient access to the controls when diagnostics or service work is necessary. The panel stays closed, avoiding arc-flash related procedures. Over 100,000 insert and frame combinations are available.

Mencom Heavy Duty Panel Interface Connectors


Mencom's heavy-duty panel interface connectors are available with an array of power, communications, and I/O device pass-through connections.

Power Monitoring and Conditioning

Carlo Gavazzi Energy Management


CG offers energy monitoring and management, from the current transformers and sensors to the gateway, to the cloud / server level.

Carlo Gavazzi EM26 Energy Analyzer


The EM26 energy analyzer is designed for energy metering (single and three-phase, gas, cold water, hot water, remote heating measurements) and control. It is MID Certified for legal metrology releveant to active electrical energy meters, and can be used for fiscal metrology.

Carlo Gavazzi ROG200 Current Sensor


The ROG400 is a split core AC TRMS current sensor able to measure a primary current (up to 400A) from a single phase power cable.

Murrelektronik EMC Filters and Suppressors


EMC filters reduce interference without affecting the supply, protecting sensitive equipment and decreasing outgoing interference. The Murrelektronik EMC suppressors are available in specific form factors for specific contactors, motors, and valves, prolonging the service life of contacts, preventing operative failures, and lowering maintenance costs.

Power Supplies

Delta Cliq Series Power Supplies


Delta's feature-rich DIN rail power supplies come in various materials and features like full aluminum body and advanced power boost for demanding applications.

Murrelektronik Eco Rail Power Supplies


Power supplies that can be side or back-mounted to DIN rail, maximizing space in the panel. The Eco series is UL approved and available in models from 1.3 to 10A.

Murrelektronik Evolution Series 3-Phase Power Supply


The evolution series are extremely reliable (MTBF of 1,000,000 hours), and very efficient due to their reserve power. If one leg of input power fails, the unit will continue to run on 2 phases continuously.

Murrelektronik Harsh Duty Power Supplies


The Emparro67 power supply is designed to be remote mounted in the field. It has a fully potted IP67 housing, takes an input voltage up to 500AC, and supplies up to 50% more power (150% power boost) to start up higher loads and capacities without a second power supply.

Programmable Logic Controllers

Delta AH500 Series PLC


The AH500 Series PLC provides automation solutions for high-level applications. The combination of modularized structure, advanced functions, and highly integrated software provide an excellent solution for process control applications.

Delta DVP Series PLC


Delta's DVP series PLC's offer high speed, stable and highly reliable applicatoins in all kinds of industrial automation applications.

Delta HMC Combination HMI and PLC


The Delta HMC combines the HMI and PLC, as well as an e-stop and maintenance stop.

Eaton Easy Programmable Relays


The Eaton Easy series programmable relay is a solid solution for lighting, energy management, industrial control, irrigation, and pump control applications that do not require a full-blown programmable logic controller.


Carlo Gavazzi Mechanical Relays


Carlo Gavazzi has a long history of manufacturing high quality mechanical relays in all form factors.

Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relays


Carlo Gavazzi has decades of experience with Solid State Relays for all types of manufacturing.Excellent for heating, motor and transformer applications up to 600 VAC, their solid state relays are manufactured to last and are available in form factors for every application. Their robust manufacturing make them particularly suited to plastics processing.

Murrelektronik Optocouplers


Optocouplers are used to combine different signal levels or to isolate one signal from another. They provide an optoelectronic signal transfer between input and output, so they never wear out.

Stacklights and Audibles

Werma Audible Signals


Alarms, buzzers, sounders and horns for all applications, from panel mount indicators to full sirens.

Werma Beacons


Werma's rugged beacons are available for every application, from a "door open" indicator, to muting lamps, to FAA Obstruction lights. The LED technology has an extremely high MTBF, and innovations like their Xenon strobe maximize performance.

Werma Stacklights


Werma's modular stacklights are simple to assemble and mount, with myriad options making them ideal for any environment.

Werma EVS Signal Lights


Werma's Extreme Visual Signal series uses a microprocessor to generate randomly pulsed light signals, giving it an agitated character that is very difficult to ignore.

Touchscreens / HMI

Delta Touch Panel HMI


Delta's touchscreens provide fast communication and convenient control of a diverse range of machines, systems and facilities. The user-friendly editing software guides users in quickly creating easy-to-navigate visual icons and monitoring screens.

Delta Text Panel HMI


The Text Panel is a monchrome text and graphical panel that can convert many program codes into text and displays. It is light-weight, cost-effective, and flexible enough for all applications.

Tru-Vu Stainless Steel Touchscreen Monitor


The 5-wire resistive touch screen can be activated by almost any object - gloved finger, stylus, pen, etc. The front of the stainless steel panel-mount enclosure is rated NEMA 4X/IP65 waterproof. This model is ideal for use in washdown environments such as food processing plants and other manufacturing

Delta HMC Combination HMI and PLC


The Delta HMC combines the HMI and PLC, as well as an e-stop and maintenance stop.