Industrial Sensors

Capacitive Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi Capacitives for Chemical Environments


Polypropylene housing is ideal for applications in chemical, semi-conductor and food and beverage industries.

Carlo Gavazzi Ecolab and IP69K Rated Capacitive Proximity


The CA18CA Series has Carlo Gavazzi's excellent Tripleshield EMI resistance, a Dust Alarm to warn of accumulation on the sensor, and ECOLAB approval for chemical resistance.

Carlo Gavazzi Extreme Temperature Capacitive Proximity Sensor


An operating temperature range of -196 to +180 C makes this a good solution for adhesive level, resin level for injection molding, and drying equipment applications.

Carlo Gavazzi Flat Pack Capacitive Proximity


Easily mounted to sense through plastic containers (drums, tubing) for level and presence detection, with a shallow profile to keep it out of the way.


Absolute Encoders


Absolute encoders always know their position - there is no need to "home" them. A Single-turn encoder measures absolute position within one revolution; and a multi-turn encoder also provides the number of revolutions.

Fieldbus Encoders


Fieldbus compatible encoders (Profibus, EthernetIP, Profinet, SSI, DeviceNet, EtherCat, Parallel, and Interbus) from Sick and Dynapar simplify system integration.

Incremental Encoders


With excellent offerings from Dynapar, Hohner, Sick and Joral, Sensors Inc. can provide the exact encoder for the application, meeting the requirements for resolution, communications protocol, form factor, and environment.

Linear Encoders


The linear encoders Sick and TR Electronic are robust and easily installed to provide high resolution, direct measurement of linear motion.

Mill Duty Encoders and Resolvers


Northstar's magnetic encoders ( digital tachometers ) are specially designed for the rigors of steel mill equipment, with the largest non-contact air gap to protect it from variations in shaft concentricities.

Joral Non-Contact Encoders


The Joral Hockey Puck and Prox Encoder are designed with a magnetic assembly that allows up to 1/2" air gap between the sensor face and element. They are fully sealed, rated IP69K, and able to operate fully submerged.

Sick Programmable Encoders


Sick's programmable encoders are configured using a PC, Notebook, or programming tool. The resolution is selectable, meaning that one part number can serve many applications.

Wire Draw / String Pot Encoders


For applications where installation of a linear or rotary encoder is not feasible, the wire draw encoder is a problem-solver. They are rugged and easily installed, and the wire eliminates issues caused by indirect measurement of the motion.

Inductive Sensors

Analog Inductive Sensors


Analog Inductive Proximity Sensors give a linear output signal, proportional to the distance of the metal target to the sensor face. They are used for position monitoring, thickness measurement, and identifying different metals.

As a web unwinds into a process, inconsistencies in the winder and the product itself lead to variances in the tension of the web. To maintain a consistent tension, a dancer bar is used. Instead of using a mechanical coupling to monitor the bar's position, an analog inductive proximity sensor is used, sending an analog signal directly to the PLC.

Block Style Inductive Sensors


Use our compact, block-style inductives in applications where there is little space for mounting. These are also available in standard DIN formats for simple replacement of mechanical limit switches.

Ring Style Inductive Sensors


Ring sensors are excellent for parts detection, stow control, and wire break. Their high sensitivity makes them ideal for detecting very small mass targets like springs and catheter inserts.

Sick IMB Rugged Duty Inductives


Withstands coolant, cutting oils, outdoor use and other abusive environments. It is configurable, minimizing the need for multiple part numbers. Its visual adjustment indicator and self locking mounting nuts minimize install time. Check out the video:

Sick Speed Monitor


The SAM is a self-contained system for monitoring speed and acceleration applications. A broad monitoring range and flexible configuration via IO Link allow the SAM to replace expensive PLC counter cards.

Sick Standard Range Inductive Proximity Sensors


Inductive proximity sensors are the most reliable, robust and economical tool for the detection of metal targets.

Sick Triple Sensing Range Inductive Prox


A drawback of proximity sensors is their limited sensing range, leading to the sensor being damaged by its target. Sick Triplex can sense up to 40mm away, and are available in 8mm to 30mm diaemeters.

Label Sensors

Di-Soric Capacitive Label Sensor


Di-Soric's KSSTI 600 sensor is excellent for detecting very thin labels, and has a precise switchpoint for positioning.

Sick UF3 Ultrasonic Label Sensor


The UF ultrasonic sensor reliably detects labels regardless of printed design, transparency, or surface characteristics.

Sick Markless Registration Sensor


Based on pattern recognition, a taught-in image is used by the Sick ML20 as a reference for the detection of a recurring pattern. No registration marks necessary.

Sick WFS Optical Label Sensor


The Sick WFS is an optical fork sensor with a fast response time of 35 micro-seconds. It can be taught remotely via IO-Link or by the external teach wire.

Laser Area Scanners

Sick Bulkscan Volumetric Scanner


Designed to measure bulk materials on conveyor belts or in piles to get a true volume measurement as opposed to relying on weight from a scale. Ideal for cereal, coal ore, taconite, sugar beets, and rail car loads.

Sick LMP Anti-collision Scanner


The Sick LMP is pre-configured for anti-collision applications on ship to shore cranes.

Sick LMS4xx Level Scanner


The Level Control application integrated into this sensor is able to perform shadowless detection of objects in containers.

Sick TiM5xx Measurement Scanner


This very compact scanner has a range of up to 25m, covering a 270 arc. It can be used on AGV's, for object detection, or to transmit size and shape information.

Magnetic Sensors

Sick Magnetic Cylinder Sensors


Innovative magnetic cylinder sensors enable direct mounting in T- or C-slots and rely on well-designed brackets for other styles.

Sick Magnetic Linear Positioning Sensors


For high-resolution position measurement and positioning in ranges up to 1 meter.

Sick Magnetic Proximity Sensors


The magnetic proximity sensors have the same form factors as the inductives, but with much longer ranges using a target magnet. Excellent for harsh environments like car washes and food processing.

Sick Magnetic Field Sensor


The Di-Soric Magnetic Field Sensor is designed to safely detect high electric current in applications like electronic welding systems. It is easily fixed to the outside of the cable to be monitored.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Sick Double Sheet Detector


The UM18 is used to identify presence of a single sheet, no sheet, or a double sheet in printing applications. It is simeple to set up and is self-adjusting.

Long Range Ultrasonic


For longer range applications, the UC30 reads up to 8 meters, with both switching and analog outputs and a rugged, easily-mounted housing.

Di-Soric Miniature Ultrasonic


Di-Soric's smallest tubular ultrasonic sensor has an 8mm diameter with a sensing range of 20 to 80mm.

TR Electronic Right Angle Ultrasonic Sensor


The TR Electronic Pico+ Ultrasonic sensor solves mounting space issues while maintaining the sensing range of a large sensor.

Sick UC4 Ultrasonic Sensor


The UC4 is a miniature housing sensor ideal for detecting materials that are too transparent or glossy for most photoeyes. It ignores dust buildup and humidity, and has precise background suppression.

Sick UC12 Ultrasonic Sensor


The UC12 has the benefits of ultrasonic technology, with the addition of complementary outputs for broken wire detection, and 3 operation modes (distance to object, window, and object between sensor and background for flexibility.

Sick UM30 Analog Ultrasonic Sensor


The UM30 has sensing ranges up to 8m, multiple output options, an LCD display showing distance, and three sensing modes (Distance to Object, Window, and Object Between Sensor and Background).

Di-Soric Web Positioning Ultrasonic Fork


This analog ultrasonic fork controls web position with a large, linear analog range with very high repeatability. It is resistant to accumulating pollutants, and set-up is easy.