Fiama Flexible Couplings

These couplings, available in lengths up to 5 meters long, can function at continuous high speed, and are extremely rugged. They can be used for remote adjustment of axes, transmission of mechanical rotating power, connection of two un-aligned elements, etc.

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Fiama OP7 Position Indicator

To specify your Fiama Position Indicator, click the Documentation link to build your part number. Please give Sensors Inc. a call at 888-920-0939 for help with the specification and to place your order.

We look forward to working with you!

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Delta ASDA A2 High Perfomance Motion Control AC Servo

The high performance ASDA-A2 features high-precision (20-bit/1280000 ppr) positioning, superlative vibration suppression, flexible internatl position modes, and full closed-loop control using secondary feedback signals.

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Fiama ServoM Axis Positioning Unit

The Servo.M axis positioning unit is a single and compact device to control the axis. It receives the dimension by bus and controls the position with a driving gear guided by an position transducer.

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