Absolute Encoder Block

Absolute encoders always know their position - there is no need to "home" them. A Single-turn encoder measures absolute position within one revolution; and a multi-turn encoder also provides the number of revolutions.

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Fieldbus Encoders

Fieldbus compatible encoders (Profibus, EthernetIP, Profinet, SSI, DeviceNet, EtherCat, Parallel, and Interbus) from Sick and Dynapar simplify system integration.

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Incremental Encoder Block

With excellent offerings from Dynapar, Hohner, Sick and Joral, Sensors Inc. can provide the exact encoder for the application, meeting the requirements for resolution, communications protocol, form factor, and environment.

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Linear Transducer Block

The linear encoders Sick and TR Electronic are robust and easily installed to provide high resolution, direct measurement of linear motion.

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Mill Duty Encoder Block

Northstar's magnetic encoders ( digital tachometers ) are specially designed for the rigors of steel mill equipment, with the largest non-contact air gap to protect it from variations in shaft concentricities.

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Non Contact Encoder Block

The Joral Hockey Puck and Prox Encoder are designed with a magnetic assembly that allows up to 1/2" air gap between the sensor face and element. They are fully sealed, rated IP69K, and able to operate fully submerged.

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Sick Programmable Encoders

Sick's programmable encoders are configured using a PC, Notebook, or programming tool. The resolution is selectable, meaning that one part number can serve many applications.

Sick Wire Draw Encoders Block

For applications where installation of a linear or rotary encoder is not feasible, the wire draw encoder is a problem-solver. They are rugged and easily installed, and the wire eliminates issues caused by indirect measurement of the motion.