Connectivity and Distributed I/O

Cables and Connectors

Murrelektronik IDC Field Wireable Connectors


Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) are a fast and easy way to terminate cables with either M8 or M12 connections. They are rated to IP67 and are rugged enough for tough environments.

Murrelektronik Sensor Cables


Murrelektronik offers one of the largest cordset lineups on the market for connecting sensors and valves. They are durable, available in a variety of styles, and the majority of the styles are in stock.

Murrelektronik T-Couplings


By using T-couplers you reduce the number of cables required and you can combine inputs and outputs depending on the application.

Murrelektronik Valve Connectors


Murrelektronik developed and produced the first pre-wired and molded valve connectors over 25 years ago. It features a captive sealing gasket, LED indicator, surge suppression, and multiple connector options.

Distribution Blocks

Murrelektronik Exact12 Distribution Block


The fully potted and sealed Exact12 series allows you to have pluggable connections from the process back to the control box. T-Couplers can be used to double-assign each M12 connector, saving even more space and cable runs.

Murrelektronik Exact8 Distribution Block


This very compact (30mm wide) distribution box has a high quality PUR cable perfect for C-track applications. For chemical and oil applications it is available with a PVC homerun cable. It can be mounted standard or from the side for limited space applications

Murrelektronik MVP Metal Distribution Block


This metal housing withstands mechanical and thermal stress, is fully potted, and comes with a molded cable or maintenance-friendly M23 plug connection. The LED power and output indicators simplify diagnostics.

Murrelektronik MVP Stainless Steel Distribution Block


This IP69K stainless steel distribution box is designed for the food and beverage industry. A cable tray with 8 cables is replaced by a single home-run cable, creating a cleaner, easier to maintain environment.

Fieldbus Modules

Murrelektronik Cube67 Fieldbus Distribution Blocks


This innovative fieldbus system has simplified decentralized installations. The machine installation is independent from the control and fieldbus, so you can customize the controls without having to modify the I/O peripherals.

Murrelektronik Impact20 Fieldbus I/O Modules


The Impact20 I/O Modules are a cost-effective approach to fieldbus I/O in terminal boxes and control panels. The predefined inputs and outputs facilitate configuration. It provides single-channel diagnostics via LED, and group diagnostics via the Bus.

Murrelektronik Impact67 Fieldbus Distribution Block


A cost-effective distribution block with 5 available protocols (EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, ProfiBus, Profinet, CANopen, and DeviceNet). Predefined I/O and LED's for channel diagnostics make the Impact67 easy to install and maintain.

Murrelektronik MVK Metal Fieldbus Distribution Blocks


These rugged distribution blocks are resistant to heavy vibration, media, and weld splatter. Diagnostics are intuitive: if there is a problem, only the affected port shuts down, and a detailed message is sent to controls and indicated via LED.

Safety Connectivity

Sick Flexi Loop Safe Sensor Cascade


Flexi Loop makes it possible to cascade up to 32 safety sensors while maintaining the highest level of safety, guaranteeing the continuous diagnosis of all door switches, e-stop buttons and sensors.