Sick CS8 Display

The Sick CS8 is the printing industry standard for color registration applications. It can be taught up to 4 colors, and has a switching frequency of 6 kHz. A bar graph display enables easy setup and diagnostics.

Sick CSM

This fast, miniature sensor can be programmed in moments to detect a color mark. It can also be programmed via IO Link to learn up to 8 colors.

Sick CVS2 Color Vision Sensor

The color vision sensor performs fast and reliable color detection within a large field of view, storing up to 15 reference colors for detection, sorting and identification.

SensoPart FT50 C Color Sensor

The Sensopart color sensor uses a white light, and can store 5 reference colors. It can be taught a color range instead of a specific color, giving it even more application flexibility.

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