Barcode Scanners and RFID

Image Based Barcode Readers

Sick Lector 62x Barcode Reader


Accurate and reliable identification for 1D, 2D, and OCR codes are its specialty, even when the codes are damaged. Available in 5 specialized versions.

Sick Lector 63x Barcode Reader


The Lector 63x is an image based code reader that can be used for small (4 mil) codes, high production speeds or long-range identification.

Sick Lector 65x Barcode Reader


With its high resolution, dyamic focus, and large field of view, the Lector 65x is ideal for high-throughput applications requiring flexibility. It provides instant feedback by projecting a green light on the code when it is read successfully.

Sick Lector Viewer


Rugged construction and simple connections make the SIU the best way to display images, do match-code teach-in, and change parameters.

Laser Line Barcode Scanners

Sick CLV 62x Barcode Scanner


The CLV62x scanner combines high reading performance with the SMART620 code reconstruction system, in a compact housing. It is available with embedded EtherNet, has a scan frequency of 1200 Hz, and is easy to set up.

Sick CLV63x Barcode Scanner


The CLV63x scanner is excellent for reading low-contrast or damaged codes. Its push-buttons can be used for teaching a match-code, initial set up, and diagnostic triggering, making it possible to install without software.

Sick CLV 65x Barcode Scanner


The CLV65x series uses a proprietary distance measurement and auto focus technology to outperform the competition by reading damaged and dirty codes in challenging applications where a high depth of field is required. Reading distance is up to 1.6 meters on a .004" code (1mm module width).

Sick CLV 69x Barcode Scanner


This is our go-to scanner for very challenging applications (poor code quality, huge depth of field, high tilt angle, omni-directional). The CLV69x has a max range of 2.2 meters and can read up to 20 codes per scan. It has built in tracking to minimize hardware, and is easily integrated into a variety of applications.


Sick RFH 6xx RFID Interrogator


The RFH6xx is a compact, high frequency read/write device for ranges up to 240mm (9.4 inches). With its compact design and integrated antenna, it is a cost-effeictive and flexible solution for logistics.

Sick RFU 62x RFID Interrogator


The RFU 62x is a UHF RFID read/write device with scanning ranges up to 1m. The well-defined read/write range is particularly well-suited for automatic identification over small object distances, as in conveyor applications.

Sick RFU 63x RFID Interrogator


The RFU 63x is an industrial UFH RFID solution with integrated application software, making it a stand-alone solution for many applications. Backup and device parameter cloning is simple using the onboard microSD card.

Sick 4DPro Sensor Network


4D Pro gives you the freedom to select the identification and vision technology you require, and enables flexible integration into numerous fieldbus technologies with very little cabling work. The function blocks, available free of charge, simplify integration and programming.

Track and Trace Systems

Sick ICR89x System


The ICR89x System can read all 1D and 2D codes and postal codes, and has 5 output channels for OCR, video coding, archiving and diagnostics. It can generate high resolution images at 3.8 m/s, with a depth of field of 1200 mm.

Sick Lector 65x system


Using an array of the Lector 65x image readers with the MSC800 controller, this sytem can scan 1D and 2D codes on 5 sides of a case and track their movement downstream through the system.

Sick RFMS Pro RFID System


The RFMS Pro is an RFID assignment and acquistion system for reading product tags on the fly in a logistics operation.

Sick VMS 420 / 520 Dimensioning System


The VMS provides measurement of length, width and height of objects at up to 3 m/s. It can assign a cubic length/width/height dimension to irregularly shaped objects.

Barcode Verification

CRIS Verification System


For an integrated, control-reliable, safe system to prevent packaging errors from causing allergen issues, Sensors Integration's CRIS (Control Reliable Inspection System) is a proven turnkey solution.