Sick UM18 Double Sheet Detector

The UM18 is used to identify presence of a single sheet, no sheet, or a double sheet in printing applications. It is simeple to set up and is self-adjusting.

Sick UC30 Ultrasonic

For longer range applications, the UC30 reads up to 8 meters, with both switching and analog outputs and a rugged, easily-mounted housing.

Di Soric UST Ultrasonic 8mm Cylinder

Di-Soric's smallest tubular ultrasonic sensor has an 8mm diameter with a sensing range of 20 to 80mm.

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TRElectronic Right Angle Ultrasonic

The TR Electronic Pico+ Ultrasonic sensor solves mounting space issues while maintaining the sensing range of a large sensor.

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Sick UC4 Ultrasonic

The UC4 is a miniature housing sensor ideal for detecting materials that are too transparent or glossy for most photoeyes. It ignores dust buildup and humidity, and has precise background suppression.

Sick UC12 Ultrasonic Sensor

The UC12 has the benefits of ultrasonic technology, with the addition of complementary outputs for broken wire detection, and 3 operation modes (distance to object, window, and object between sensor and background for flexibility.

Sick UM30 Analog Ultrasonic

The UM30 has sensing ranges up to 8m, multiple output options, an LCD display showing distance, and three sensing modes (Distance to Object, Window, and Object Between Sensor and Background).

Di Soric Fork Ultrasonic Web Guidance Sensor

This analog ultrasonic fork controls web position with a large, linear analog range with very high repeatability. It is resistant to accumulating pollutants, and set-up is easy.

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