Our Engineers and Office Personnel

David Tie

David Kotula


As the owner and president of Sensors Incorporated, David has a strong passion for the products he sells and the customers he helps. With a B.S. in Engineering Technology from St. Cloud State and an M.B.A in Marketing from the University of St. Thomas, David brings a holistic approach to running his business that emphasizes customer satisfaction and complex application solutions. During his more than 27 years in the industry, David has seen nearly every application imaginable and brings this wealth of knowledge with him towards every new challenge. David’s expertise lies in optics and lighting, beginning with his love of photoelectric sensors and extending to the most modern vision equipment available. David is ultimately driven by his commitment to his customers, and he works diligently to enable Sensors to have the best products available being supported by the most knowledgeable engineers in the industry.

Rick  Tie

Rick Hinze

Engineering and Sales

Rick utilizes his 35 years of industry experience and extensive product knowledge to consultatively solve his customers’ applications. After attaining a B.S. in Industrial Technology from UW Stout, Rick had the opportunity to gain experience with Industrial Machine Vision at its inception. With Machine Vision as his specialty, Rick has worked in wide-ranging manufacturing environments ranging from pharmaceuticals to automotive and brings this diverse knowledge to every application he solves. Rick enjoys connecting with his customers and working to find them the right solution as efficiently as possible.

Andy  Tie

Andy Fredin

Engineering and Sales

Boasting over 15 years of employment at Sensors Incorporated, Andy draws from his extensive and diverse industry experience to solve wide-ranging applications. With a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from St. Cloud State and his application experience, Andy specializes in solving highly complex and technical sensing applications. Andy works with a number of the largest OEMs and end-users in Minnesota and enjoys solving his customers’ biggest challenges while getting involved with their design engineers to help improve their business from the ground-up.

Tony  Tie

Tony Lind

Engineering and Sales

Beginning as an Applications Engineer more than a decade ago, Tony brings a combination of technical knowledge and outstanding service to all of his customers. With a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and his Certified Vision Professional certification (CVP), Tony possesses the requisite knowledge to precisely design solutions for his customers. When tackling his customers’ automation challenges, Tony’s expertise centers on system design and implementation. Whether it is sensing, safety or logistics automation, Tony creates systems that will solve his customers’ specific problem and improve their overall operations.

Trent Tie

Trent Thies

Engineering and Sales

Coming from the fast-paced upstream and midstream oil and gas industry, Trent has a background in efficiently solving customer problems. After graduating from the University of North Dakota, Trent gained valuable sales experience with a variety of industrial products. Priding himself on solving his customers’ problems as quickly and completely as possible, Trent came to Sensors Incorporated to challenge himself with solving very technical applications. Although he is new to the sales team, Trent understands how to partner with customers to improve their efficiency and ultimately, their bottom line.


Sandy Schansberg

Customer Service and Sales Support

Coming over to Sensors Incorporated from her time in a Fortune 500 corporation 5 years ago, Sandy brings more than 20 years of customer service experience with her. After graduating from Mankato State, Sandy gained experience in all aspects of customer service and management, discovering her passion for connecting with customers. Sandy does much of the ordering and customer service for Sensors Incorporated.


Nancy Kotula

Office Manager

After graduating from St. Cloud State, Nancy began working with several large food manufacturing companies within their incentives programs. After gaining several years of experience, she transitioned into handling the finances of Sensors Incorporated, which she has now been doing for more than 20 years. During her time at Sensors, Nancy has worked within customer service, purchasing and accounting and utilizes this multifaceted experience as well as her natural tendency towards organization to ensure Sensors Incorporated operates as smoothly as possible, both internally and for its customers.


Pete Heule


Having worked with Sensors Incorporated from its inception, Pete has focused his efforts and more than 25 years of industry knowledge on improving the company’s network and efficiency. Pete’s experience in IT system architecture and design is vast, having spent the majority of his career securing the network of a Fortune 100 financial institution. Pete finds great joy in utilizing technology to create efficiencies and solve problems both in business and engineering. Pete’s experience and natural passion for networking solutions means that Sensors Incorporated can offer a secure, efficient and reliable business to solve customers’ problems as quickly as possible.